Photography beyond the visible

Come along with me on my travel through the microcosm...

Photomicrography is my passion. In order to dive into the microcosm, a tool is needed: a microscope. Exploring the microscopic world is hugely attractive, moreover travelling distances in a microscopic expedition are quite short.

Currently many discussions concerning nature and the environment exclusively take a look at the macrocosm, e.g. mammals or birds. The microcosm stays invisible, although the biodiversity of microorganisms is much larger than the variety of plants, e.g. in a spacious parkway.

In animate as well as inanimate nature we can discover an overwhelming wealth of forms and structures, looking through the eyepiece of a light microscope helps to expand our horizon of experience, far beyond pure observation. As a "micronaut" you just have to step out your front door to enter the microscopic world.

The professional documentation of microscopic objects requires operating experience of the photographer. Unusual preparation techniques are often used to get attractive results. As in other photographic disciplines there is a broad spectrum from meticulous scientific documentation to free artistic interpretation.