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Biomineralization Capacities of Chlorodendrophyceae: Correlation Between Chloroplast Morphology and the Distribution of Micropearls in the Cell, Protist Vol. 171, Issue 5, Nov 2020, 125760

Genomes of Subaerial Zygnematophyceae Provide Insights into Land Plant Evolution, Cell, Volume 179, Issue 5, 14 November 2019, Pages 1057-1067.e14

Klaus Hausmann, Gerd Günther, Diana Lehmann, Renate Radek: On the Enigmatic Hook of the Metaradiophryids (Alveolata, Ciliophora), Acta Protozoologica, Volume 55, Issue 1, 02/2016

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Mikrokosmos Journal , published by Elsevier in German language: Fortunately the Oberösterreichische Landesmuseum, Museumstraße 14, 4010 Linz, scanned nearly all volumes of this journal. This is a wonderful chance to access this discontinued journal. The following links lead to the pages of the Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseum with the ability to download the related PDF.